Clowning is for everyone!

In Costume"Meaningful experiences for joyful spirits of all ages!"

Clowning parties and clowning classes with Starheart the Clown are exuberant and fun, joyful for all while building children’s (and adults’ !) confidence. Starheart clowns in her home state of Massachusetts, greater New England, and beyond!

Sophie Glasser, alias Starheart the Clown, has been clowning for 18 years and teaching clown classes for 16 years. A certified elementary teacher with 15 years experience as a classroom teacher, she understands both the young and the young at heart.

Whether at a clown party, a clowning class, a business event with families or wanting to attract more business, or a non-profit organization wanting more laughter and positive attention, you will be uplifted by the presence of Starheart.

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