Clown Parties, Events & Programs

Clown parties and events with clowns are always special. Let Starheart make your special day come alive with joy!


  • Starheart the Clown is gentle and down-to-earth
  • You will enjoy a show of hilarious clown skits
  • Your birthday child (and their friends) can join the show and become a star!
  • You and your guests will experience an atmosphere of joy, fun, and safety
    • For young children, Sophie Glasser always puts on her makeup in front of the children so they feel safe and know she is a regular person who becomes a clown.
    • For older children, we can turn the party into a full clowning class with a unique show at the end!
  • In addition to performing skits, Starheart can include:
    • balloon animal creation or teaching of balloon arts
    • facepainting
    • giving out stickers
    • performing gentle songs on guitar.

Starheart can bring her best friend, Cream Cheese the Clown, to enliven the show even further. Cream Cheese is played by Sophie’s husband Rich who is a veteran pre-school teacher!

No matter what options you choose, the party with Starheart the Clown is sure to be a big hit!

Events & Programs

  • You will attract more business to your company’ s promotional activity or open
  • You will make your corporate event more fun and heartwarming for individuals and families
  • You will make people glad to attend your non-profit agency’ s function and support your organization’s mission
  • You can promote your patients’ healing at hospitals
  • You will draw people to your educational setting with a clown-centered program, based on a theme of your choice. Sample themes include love of reading, love of math, anti-bullying, and anti-drugs

Whether at a company gathering, a hospital, a business, a library or a non-profit, Starheart the Clown enhances your mission. She has clowned at company events, hospitals, non-profit functions, and school carnivals. This, combined with her extensive experience and 15 years in the classroom, makes her the ideal clown to buoy up your event. By bringing an atmosphere of joy and fun, Starheart makes people glad to be in the moment and helps them enjoy themselves.