About Sophie

Sophie I always had the calling to act, sing, and ham it up. As a young girl, I was quiet - too quiet to be much of an actress or come out of my shell in public.

In college, I explored singing in choirs but was still too inhibited to act as a different character. I studied in England for a semester, and when I returned, I was ready for personal growth and expansion. Over the next few years, I grew a lot as a person and realized I wanted to work with children and adults, teaching, and sharing the arts with all ages.

My Uncle Bill joined my aunt’s household in the mid-1990’ s and was already “Goldie the Clown” , a Shriner’s Clown with the Masons in NYC. He invited me for 3 years to accompany him to a clown college in Masachusetts as his free “lady friend” . Finally, I agreed, and within an hour, had fallen in love with clowning. (Listen to my friend Sharon Abreu’s song “Clown College”.)

Next, I struggled to find my own clowning style with makeup, dress, and repertoire. After taking several more clowning acting classes, I picked my clown name “Starheart” . I was ready to try clowning in the wider world. I clowned at some parties, in hospitals, in classrooms, and at a community circus.

During these years, I met my future husband at a party. He had already done some clowning and was also a teacher. “Cream Cheese” and I soon became an item.

Meanwhile, I joined a Masters Degree program in “Creative Arts in Learning and Elementary Education” at Lesley University. I decided I wanted to utilize the skills of classroom teaching in a school along with performing and teaching clowning.

During my 15 years of classroom teaching, I have enjoyed having my clowning business on the side. I love giving service and joy to the world via clowning and other creative, joyful, and educational activities! Contact me to see how Starheart can be of service to YOU and your organization!