Clowns!“Thanks again for clowning around with the kids at [my 4 year old’s] birthday party last week. We all really enjoyed your performances, and your presence added so much fun and gave his party such a unique feel. I know our guests will remember it fondly.” - L.B.J., parent, Somerville, MA

“I loved having your clowning show and energy as a focus for [my six year old’s birthday party]. It was amazing!” - T.K., parent, Vineyeard Haven, MA

“That was so much fun! When can we start the next class?” - A.P., 9 year old, Berlin, MA

“With clowning, Sophie Glasser has given kids a fabulous to way to channel their creative energies. They write skits, rehearse them together, learn to listen to one another and work as a team, get used to performing and speaking out clearly in front of audiences. They learn the fun of verbal play, coupled with that kind of slapstick physicality kids love. And they come away feeling terrifically proud about “the show” they’ve produced together. It was wonderful to see them grow into a “troupe” of performers. In a school where [other things are the norm], Sophie’s class offers them a different way to take center stage- as actors, wielding language cleverly. What they lack in finesse, they make up for in enthusiasm”. - L.C.N., parent, Jamaica Plain, MA

“Thanks Sophie for a wonderful show - and in particular for giving [my son] an opportunity to bring out the inner clown in him!” - M.P., parent, Berlin, MA

“That show was great! So funny!” - D.E., 9 year old, Berlin, MA

“Here is where Sophie Glasser especially shines! In addition to the wonderful things she does as [a regular classroom teacher], Sophie is also a real-life, professional clown and teaches the art of clowning in the [afterschool program]. My daughter K. has been in her clowning classes throughout the entire year. The children have performed two clown shows at the school and also perform their clown shows in the community where they are always warmly welcomed. Sophie’s clown workshop teaches children cooperation, respect for differences, and cultivate the values of giving back to the world and bringing joy to others.” - LK, parent, Jamaica Plain, MA

“In our extended day program, Sophie Glasser developed and implemented a highly successful class in clowning. Using her background as a clowning professional, she taught students in kindergarten through third grade a variety of skills, including drama, art, language arts, and performance skills. Sophie also took the initiative to reach out to the greater community through this class, organizing students in performances at other local elementary schools and adult education centers.” - E.L, Principal, Conservatory Lab Charter School, Boston, MA

“Sophie Glasser’s style and personality are friendly, energetic, caring, and supportive. She loves children and is very sensitive to the needs and diversity of children…” - M. D., Teacher, Milton, MA